Terms of Service For Commissioned Artwork:

(Updated 6/26/2019)

The goal of these terms is to provide a clear, written, and agreed upon guideline for both the customers (you) and the artist of commissioned the artwork (me, Titus Weiss). These terms are subject to change and revisions without notice. All transactions and commissions will be made through the artist’s company: Titus Weiss Studios, LLC (https://titusweiss.com/). When you inquire about or pay for a commissioned work, it is understood that you have read and agree to the terms of service as written in this document/web page. These terms may be summarized elsewhere by the artist when advertising commissioned work, with the complete terms here linked in the summaries. These terms are known and understood by customers to be the complete version of those summaries.

1. Payments and Pricing:

  • Prices of listed rates and commissions is subject to change at any time. Quoted prices may be higher or lower than the listed prices. There is a wide range of factors in determining the price of artwork, so prices will naturally vary. Exception to this is only when the commission is listed as a flat rate price (flat rate prices may also be changed due to customer’s optional additions or due to exceptions listen in section 3 line 4.) For all commissioned work, the artist will provide the customer with a quote or price that they will agree upon and pay before work begins.

  • Only accepted payment method for commissioned artwork is Paypal.

  • Prices are all listed in USD.

  • Payment must be made in full before work will begin if the price is under $200. For all transactions over $200, half the total price must be paid before work will begin, and the final half of the price must be paid after the work is completed.

  • Commission refund policy: Full refunds are not accepted if the work has already begun. Even if the work has not begun, the artist shall retain a 5% fee on full refunds. Exception to this, in the event that the work has not begun and the artist is the one who cancels the commission or exceeds the 90 day time frame (in section 3 line 1), a full refund will be issued to the customer. However, if work has begun, partial refunds may be available but are at the artist’s sole discretion. Customers should contact us as soon as possible if they have any issues with their order.


2. Usage and copyright:

  • All commissioned artwork is for personal use only, commercial use is forbidden. If customers would like to use the commissioned work for commercial purposes, the customer should contact the artist so they can discuss new prices and terms.

  • The customer that purchased the commission will be provided with a high resolution digital file of the completed artwork, as well as a lower resolution digital file of the same artwork. The high resolution version is exclusively for private use only, and only the lower resolution version may be used publicly (such as uploaded to a public website gallery) for personal non-commercial use. The artist must always be credited somewhere (such as description) in public use of the commissioned artwork (excluding as stated below in section 2 line 3)

  • The artwork may not be used in any way deemed by the artist to be damaging the image or value of the artist or Titus Weiss Studios, LLC, or for any illegal use.

  • Full copyright of the artwork including (but not limited to) rights of reproduction and sale of reproductions is retained by the artist, but any characters in the artwork that were previously owned by the customer still belong to the customer. The artist may sell prints of the artwork.

  • The artist will refrain from selling prints of the artwork if requested to do so by the customer at the time of purchase of the commissioned artwork.

  • The customer may resize and crop images, but shall not make any modifications.

  • Any work-in-progress images or files provided to the customer are for personal non-public use only.


3. Work Process and Progress:

  • After payment is received for an order, and the customer provides the necessary information for the work to begin, the work shall be completed within 90 days. If artwork is not completed in that time frame, the customer is entitled to a refund per the commission refund policy (section 1 line 5) if the customer desires such action to be taken. (Time does not include communications with the customer, such as waiting for replies to emails sent to the customer.)

  • The artist reserves the right to cancel orders at any time for any reason, if they issue refunds in accordance with the refund policy. See section 1 line 5 for commission refund policy.

  • If the customer will not respond to emails (or not with information that the artist needs to progress the commission) within 180 days, the artist reserves the right to cancel the order and retain all funds paid. If the customer contacts the artist within another 180 days from the time the artist canceled the order, they may be granted a credit for a future commission slot.

  • For any commissions over $75, the artist will provide one or more "work in progress" files for the customer to review and to provide input on. Major changes can only be made during the early “rough sketch” stage, and minor changes before the color stage. Major changes can be made during the later parts of the commission process at an additional cost (but cost may be waived if it was due to artist error in the original requests of the customer) Customers are encouraged to provide input if they want the most personalized result. However, the artist does reserve the final right to decisions that would affect the artistic quality of the commission as interpreted by the artist.

  • The artist encourages the customers to communicate, and inform the artist of any issues or thoughts they have on the work during the process. Our ultimate goal is the highest possible satisfaction of the customer with their purchase and their finished artwork.


4. Prohibited Commission Subjects:

  • The artist reserves the right to decline or refuse to produce work or artwork of any subject or topic. Most subjects are allowed, but certain specific things are prohibited due to laws and various website terms of services. Customers are encouraged to still ask about the questionable subjects they would like drawn, and the artist will consider them as long as they aren’t specifically listed below. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some subjects or items prohibited from being commissioned:

    • Pornographic or obscene subjects, as defined by the artist.

    • Any subject that would violate the terms of service or upload policy of the following websites the artist currently uses or uploads artwork to: FurAffinity, DeviantART, Picarto, Twitter, Patreon, or Squarespace.

    • All subjects involving or containing minors (under 18 years old).

    • Minors (under 18 years old), or characters appearing to be minors as interpreted by the artist, depicted in a nude, sexual, or sexually suggestive way.

    • Hateful or offensive subjects, as defined by the artist.

    • Racist subjects, as defined by the artist.

    • Fetish subjects not already commonly drawn by the artist.

    • Subjects depicting activities that would be illegal to create imagery of in the state of Missouri, USA.

    • Subjects containing trademarked characters or intellectual property not owned by the customer.

    • As it is a common subject in art, artistic nudity is permitted. There is a subjective fine line between what is deemed tasteful and artistic and what is not. The artist will decide on a per-case basis what is acceptable.

  • The artist specializes in anthro art, specifically canines and felines, but is open to other subjects. Customers should keep in mind subjects besides anthro art may appear lower in quality than what the artist specializes in.


5. Ordering Commissions:

  • All communication relating to commission and business related topics (such as questions) will be handled through the Titus Weiss Studio, LLC primary contact email address: titus@titusweiss.com . Customers may contact the artist via social media sites for questions relating to commissions, but they may be directed to the primary contact email address. When ordering commissions, use the form at the bottom of this web page: https://titusweiss.com/commissions-tos

  • When a customer requests a commission, and the request is accepted, the customer will be given a place in line in the current commission group (a commission slot). Their provided username or name will be added to a publicly available list (link here) used to keep track of who has commission slots (the customer is permitted to remain anonymous to the public if they so desire). At either the time of request or after they have received a place in line, the customer shall provide instructions as to what they would like their artwork to be, as well as references (preferably visual images depicting the character or subject, but other forms such as text descriptions are allowed) to the artist for use and reference in the creation of the customer’s artwork. The customer should try to be as clear as possible in what they request for their artwork to ensure maximum satisfaction and lowest cost, as well as fastest turn-around time for their product. Once again, communication with the artist is greatly encouraged.

  • After the subject is decided on between the artist and the customer, the commission cost will be estimated by the artist and the customer will be given a quote for the final price of the artwork if the artwork is not flat rate. Once the customer accepts the quote, then the artist will proceed to invoice the customer for a payment.

  • As discussed in section 1., Payment will be made through PayPal. Work will not begin until the required payment is made. An invoice will be sent to the customer through PayPal via email, and from there they will pay for the commission. Work will begin shortly thereafter, when the payment has successfully cleared. Full payment of the invoiced amount is required within 10 days of the invoice date. If payment is not made in that time frame, the order may become void and the customer’s place in line lost.

  • Once again, by ordering and paying for a commission from Titus Weiss Studios, LLC you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the full terms written in this document/web page.

  • Commissions are subject to availability, and basis for availability such as order the requests are processed are at the sole discretion of the artist.


For any questions, please contact the artist by email: titus@titusweiss.com

Availability of commissions, as well as pricing and other information can be found at https://titusweiss.com/commissions



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